Video: Isle of Man Explains Why it’s So Awesome

An interesting fact in this video: the Isle of Man’s ranking as the fifth most likely company to return to the moon is based on Odyssey Moon’s presence there. Bob Richards, the Google Lunar X Prize competitor’s founder and CEO, recently resigned saying that he had to focus on funded projects.

Tiny Isle of Man Emerges as Space Power

Island Britain: sleepy Isle of Man moves into the space age
The Times

In a nondescript building on a housing estate in Onchan a company called CVI made the laser optics with which Nasa’s Phoenix Lander spotted snow on Mars last year. Another Manx company, Odyssey Moon, is competing to win the $30million (£18.4million) Google Lunar X prize by putting a robotic landing craft on the Moon. A third, Excalibur Almaz, is developing space tourism.