Laliberte, ISS Crew Prepare for Departure as ESA Astronaut Assumes Command


During a symbolic change of command ceremony Friday, Expedition 20 Commander Gennady Padalka handed control of the station over to European Space Agency astronaut Frank De Winne.

De Winne will officially become the Expedition 21 commander Saturday when Padalka and Flight Engineer Michael Barratt undock from the station aboard the Soyuz TMA-14 spacecraft to conclude a six-month stay.


Google Earth Goes All 3-D on the Moon

Google Earth now brings you the moon
Financial Post

On Monday, the search engine giant unveiled Moon in Google Earth, an interactive, three-dimensional atlas of the Moon as part of its Google Earth 5.0 satellite imaging and mapping software, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin’s historic sojourn on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969.


Google to Announce Major Addition to Google Earth on Apollo 11 Anniversary


In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, Google has scheduled a press conference in Washington, DC on July 20th to make a “very special announcement about the newest addition to Google Earth.”

The blogosphere is awash with speculation as to what the Internet search giant might announce. Most of it focuses on an upgraded Google Moon program with 3-D mapping, much as the company did for Google Earth.