Runaway Glacier Melting in Antarctica, Greenland

Skeptics of global warming have always pointed to the need for more study on the issue. They believe that as more data are collected, global warming will be revealed to be an over hyped or even non-existent threat being pushed by a group of radical left-wing ideologues.

Well, more data are in, and the results are not supporting their theory, MSNBC reports:


Fragile Wilkins Ice Shelf Destabilizing

Wilkins Ice Shelf
Wilkins Ice Shelf


Satellite images show that icebergs have begun to calve from the northern front of the Wilkins Ice Shelf – indicating that the huge shelf has become unstable. This follows the collapse three weeks ago of the ice bridge that had previously linked the Antarctic mainland to Charcot Island.

The ice bridge, which effectively formed a barrier pinning back the northern ice front of the central Wilkins Ice Shelf, collapsed on 5 April removing about 330 sq km of ice. As a consequence of the collapse, the rifts, which had already featured along the northern ice front, widened and new cracks formed as the ice adjusted in the days that followed.


Kiss Trillions in Coastal Real Estate Goodbye

Climate experts: Risk of ‘irreversible’ shifts
Associated Press

Hundreds of leading climate scientists wrapped up a three-day conference with a warning Thursday that global warming is accelerating beyond the worst predictions and threatening to trigger “irreversible” shifts on the planet.


Is the Climate Beginning to Spiral Out of Control?

Global warming skeptics believe that scientists are being overly alarmist in their projections. I think this position represents a fundamental misunderstanding of how science actually works.

Science, by its nature, is conservative. There is so much data crunching and theories and challenges and peer reviews….getting to a consensus on anything takes an awful long time. And by the time the data are refined to the point where one can draw conclusions, reality has moved far beyond the millions of individual data points that make up the picture.

With climate change, that can be deadly.