Finding the Right Stuff, Canadian Style

Space Cadets
The Globe and Mail

After a round of interviews whittled the field to 39, candidates underwent physicals and robotics testing – similar to video games – that evaluated their accuracy, spatial orientation and reaction time. “It was like old-school Atari days,” said Dr. Hunter, who grew up in Mississauga.


CSA to Announce 16 Astronaut Finalists on Monday


The President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Steve MacLean will introduce the top 16 candidates remaining in the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign during a news conference on Monday, March 16.

In addition to introducing the finalists, the news conference will provide media with insight into the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign selection process.


CSA Narrows Astronaut Search Down to 40


Canada’s third National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign is well underway. A record 5351 potential astronaut candidates submitted applications online when the campaign was launched last May. Following the first phases of evaluations, including preliminary interviews and basic medical tests, 40 were selected to move forward to the next round in the evaluation process.