CSA Awards Robotics Contract to ESI

Oct. 25, 2010

The Canadian Space Agency has awarded a contract valued at $3 million (CAD) to Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) of Toronto, Ontario, to develop prototypes of a robotic arm, control stations and exploration tools. In the coming months, these technologies will be integrated into terrestrial prototypes of lunar or martian rovers. The contract also includes an option for a second arm worth $500,000. The investment is part of the Government of Canada’s 2009 Economic Action Plan and aims to accelerate the research and development of new technologies for space exploration.


Canadians to Help Search for Life on Mars


The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced today that it will share leadership for a new science instrument that will probe the atmosphere of Mars in search of biological sources of methane, and consequently, signs of life. The instrument, known as MATMOS (Mars Atmospheric Trace Molecule Occultation Spectrometer), is a partnership between the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the CSA and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).


Heads of Space Agency Look Toward Bright Future for ISS Research

International Space Station

Joint Statement: International Space Station Heads of Agency

The heads of the International Space Station (ISS) agencies from Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States met in Tokyo, Japan, on 11 March 2010, to review ISS cooperation. With the assembly of the ISS nearing completion and the capability to support a full-time crew of six established, they noted the outstanding opportunities now offered by the ISS for on-orbit research and for discovery including the operation and management of the world’s largest international space complex. In particular, they noted the unprecedented opportunities that enhanced use of this unique facility provides to drive advanced science and technology. This research will deliver benefits to humanity on Earth while preparing the way for future exploration activities beyond low-Earth orbit. The ISS will also allow the partnership to experiment with more integrated international operations and research, paving the way for enhanced collaboration on future international missions.


Canadian Students to Send Light Message to Thirsk on ISS

Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk
Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk

Earth to space station: Howdy partner!
CBC News

Hundreds of students will point high-powered LED lights skyward from a small airstrip south of Calgary to send a secret message to the International Space Station that’s orbiting Earth on Saturday night.

The students will have about six minutes to send their orchestrated message as the International Space Station darts across the night sky more than 300 kilometres above the Earth. That’s how long it takes for the orbiting spacecraft to travel from horizon to horizon.


CSA, NASA to Work More Closely Together


It looks as if the Canadian Space Agency will be working a bit more closely with NASA in the future. CNews reports on a new framework that was agreed to recently:

Steve MacLean, former astronaut and president of the CSA, said the deal will make it easier for the CSA and Canadian companies to be part of future space missions.

Prior to the framework agreement, Canada and the U.S. had to negotiate separate treaties each time they wanted to work together on a project. The result, says MacLean, is there were times Canada missed out on participating in projects because a treaty couldn’t be drawn up in time.

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ISU Session: Gerald Soffen Memorial Panel on Mars


What’s Next for Mars Exploration?

Dr. David J.W. Kendall
Director General, Space Science Program
Canadian Space Program


Pascale Ehrenfreund
Research Professor
Space Policy Institute
The George Washington University

Jim Green
Planetary Science Division Director

David Southwood
Director of Science and Robotic Exploration

Hajime Yano
Assistant Professor, Department of Planetary Science


Canadians: Send Your Photos and Videos to ISS Astronaut Bob Thirsk


The Canadian Space Agency is sponsoring a Share My Space program in which Canadians can send photos and videos to CSA astronaut Bob Thirsk aboard the International Space Station.

As he becomes a resident of the Space Station, Bob will be counting on you to keep him in touch with his beautiful home Country – Canada! Using your cameras, cell phones, webcams, and creativity, we invite you to introduce Bob to your favourite hang-out, drop a line, or have all your friends wish him luck on video. There are countless ways to show support for Bob throughout this mission! Think of all the magnificent vistas Canada has to offer that you could share with someone who lives in a remote and confined environment.


CSA Selects Medical Doctor, Fighter Pilot as Astronauts



Nearly 25 years after the first Canadian astronaut flew into space and only weeks before two Canadian space veterans launch to the International Space Station, the Honourable Industry Minister Tony Clement and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) President Steve MacLean revealed the names of Canada’s newest astronauts.

Jeremy Hansen and David St-Jacques are the first Canadians to join the astronaut corps since 1992. They become the 11th and 12th Canadians to join the Canadian Astronaut Corps. Hansen is a Canadian Forces fighter pilot, St. Jacques is a medical doctor.


CSA to Announce New Astronauts on Wednesday



The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and the CSA President Steve MacLean will introduce the two Canadians that have been selected to join the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut corps, at a news conference to be held at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario, on Wednesday, May 13.