Brazil Plans Major Expansion of Alcantara Spaceport

The Xinhua news agency reports that Brazil wants to expand its Alcantara spaceport to include 15 launch pads, an increase from the existing three pads. If approved by Congress, the expansion would require the relocation of about 2,000 Quilombolas, who are descendants of runaway slaves.

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Brazil Tests Launch Facility

Brazil launches rocket to test launching base
Xinhua News Agency

The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) on Friday launched a rocket to test the facilities at the Alcantara Launching Center, the AEB said.

The launching, which took place on Friday afternoon, was “a complete success”, AEB said in a statement.

The mission was code-named Maracati 1 under a partnership between Brazil and Germany. It was the first launch from the Alcantara base since 2007.

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China to Become Exporter of Satellite Data

China, Brazil to offer satellite data to Africa
Xinhua News Agency

China and Brazil will provide satellite observation data for African countries through a joint space program, according to agreements inked here on Wednesday.