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Angara Rocket Engine Test Successful

Angara rocket engine test

Angara rocket engine test


On 30 July 2009 the Universal Rocket Module URM-1 for the prospective Angara family of launch vehicles was successfully fire-tested at the Rocket & Space Industry Research & Testing Center near Moscow.

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Report: Russia’s Angara Rocket Needs More Money


Russia’s Angara rocket family needs cash injection
Flight International

Fourteen years after the start of development, Russia’s Angara rocket needs a cash injection of billions more roubles to deliver the planned 2011 first flights of its 1.2 and A5 versions.

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Russian Military Cuts Could Impact Angara, New Launch Complex


Russian Defense Cuts Could Affect Space
Aviation Week

President Vladimir Putin has assured government and industry space officials that the revised 2009 draft budget, intended to take into account the worsening economic downturn, contemplates no reduction in allotments for the development of new space projects. Almost 82 billion rubles ($2.4 billion) is to be allocated for three programs, Putin said, without saying which ones. However, he said the new Angara launcher would be among the priority programs, along with communication, navigation and remote Earth sensing spacecraft development.

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