AIA: Shrinking Workforce, Red Tape Threaten U.S. Space Industrial Base


AIA Press Release

A shrinking aerospace workforce, outdated export control rules and a cumbersome defense acquisition system all threaten the health of the U.S. national security space industrial base, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said Thursday.

“The role of space in our security and economy is critical,” Blakey said in testimony to the House Strategic Forces Subcommittee. “Space systems provide everything from high-fidelity intelligence on terrorists in the tribal regions of Pakistan to global positioning system information to millions of Americans.”


AIA Pushes for ITAR Reform


Satellite export control rules are hampering U.S. national security and economic interests, and must be updated to protect the U.S. space industrial base, Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion Blakey said Thursday in written testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade Subcommittee.


AIA Supports Babbitt’s Nomination as FAA Admin

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion Blakey on Nomination of Randy Babbitt as FAA Administrator

Randy Babbitt is an excellent choice to head the Federal Aviation Administration. He has a passion for the industry and brings to the FAA years of aviation experience as a pilot, labor negotiator and safety expert. There are many critical issues waiting at the helm for a new administrator, including expediting NextGen – the transformation of our air transportation system. In 1995 Congress established a five-year term for the FAA Administrator to provide continuity necessary for an agency that is focused on safety and complicated operational responsibilities. By moving quickly on Mr. Babbitt’s confirmation, the Senate will provide the much-needed stability for our nation’s air transportation system.

AIA Pushes for More STEM Education, NASA Funding


Aerospace supporters across the country should join with industry to advocate for STEM education, air transportation system modernization, space exploration and export control system improvements, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said Monday.


AIA Releases Annual Aerospace Report


The 56th edition of Aerospace Facts and Figures, a comprehensive statistical yearbook of the U.S. aerospace industry, is now available.

Compiled by AIA’s Aerospace Research Center, the book contains tables and analysis summarizing aerospace industry activity through 2007.  Estimates for certain series for 2008 and 2009 are also provided, as well as historical data on aircraft production, missile and space programs, air transportation, research and development, foreign trade, employment and finance.