ESA and CNES Collaborate on Creation of New European Space Transport Hub

PARIS (CNES PR) — In order to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in its space access policy, CNES and ESA are working together to create a new European space transport hub. Last August, the two agencies formalized their wish to continue the co-location of their launch teams while giving the possibility to any public or private entity in the European space transport sector to join. This hub would thus become an emblematic space and launch vehicle center, it would serve as a pole of attractiveness and influence for the sector.

This grouping of the main players in the field would promote synergies and innovation by sharing means, resources and skills in order to ensure the successful operation of the Ariane and Vega launchers, while actively preparing future generations of systems. launch.

This hub project is of strategic interest to the actors concerned. A call for expressions of interest is launched from November 16 to December 31, 2021 by ESA and CNES in order to identify the actors interested in this project and to size it. The scope of this project is Paris and the inner suburbs. Final approval of the project will be taken at the end of 2022.