This Week on The Space Show

Tuesday, July 13 — 7 PM PDT (9 PM CST; 10 PM EDT): We welcome back DR. BRUCE DAMER with Co-host JOHN JOSSY. Bruce will be discussing his SHEPHERD Project and more. For more information see the blog link posted by Mr. Jossy.

Wednesday, June 14 — Hotel Mars pre-recorded. See the Upcoming Show Menu at for details.

Friday, July 16 — 9:30-11 AM PDT; 11:30 AM- 1 PM CDT; 12:30-2 PM EDT: We welcome back JOHN STRICKLAND who will go over his two newest books with us and talk about the latest in policy and missions and how to carry them out.

Sunday, July 18 — 12-1:30 PM PDT, (3-4:30 PM EDT, 2-3:30 PM CDT): We welcome back Chris Stone on national security space. We will be examining the issues, providing analysis and looking forward with commercial space, the new administration and the space business community.