Pressure Vessel From Falcon 9 Recovered in Washington State

Falcon 9 second stage overwrapped pressure vessel recovered on private property in Washington State. (Credit: Grant County Sheriff)

That Falcon 9 second stage that blazed across the sky over Washington and Oregon as it reentered Earth’s atmosphere on March 25 left something behind. The Grant County Sheriff tweeted:

SpaceX recovered a Composite-Overwrapped Pressure Vessel from last week’s Falcon 9 re-entry. It was found on private property in southwest Grant County this week. Media and treasure hunters: we are not disclosing specifics. The property owner simply wants to be left alone.

The 5-foot COPV is part of the second stage propulsion system. Falcon 9’s second stage is usually deorbited after releasing its payload, but the maneuver reportedly failed following the March 4 launch of 60 Starlink broadband satellites.

No injuries nor any additional debris have been reported in the Washington State county or elsewhere in the Northwest.