Long March 4C Launches Gaofen 12-02 Earth Observation Satellite

Long March 4C launches the Gaofen 12-02 satellite.

On Wednesday morning, the Long March 4C carrier rocket launched the Gaofen 12-02 Earth observation satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Gaofen 12-02 will be primarily used for land census, urban planning, land rights confirmation, road network design, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

Long March 4C was developed by the Eighth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group. For multi-satellite launch missions, the booster can carry payloads weighing up to 3 metric tons to a 700-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit.

This flight 73rd launch of the Long March 4C rocket, and the 364th launch of the Long March series.