OneSpace Successfully Launches Suborbital Rocket

The OS-X6B suborbital rocket launches on Feb. 5, 2021. (Credit: OneSpace)

At 17:05:05 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2021, OneSpace’s new intelligent suborbital rocket OS-X6B and “Chongqing Liangjiang Star” was launched from a northwest launch site under the remote command of the company’s Chongqing Liangjiang Measurement and Control Command Center. 

Successfully launched, the test load was successfully separated, and the whole flight was normal. It completed two major test tasks, including the key technology of the Linglong series carrier rocket, a new space load and its equivalent flight test key technology verification, and obtained a large amount of real flight environment data. The launch was a complete success.

The rocket has a total length of 9.4 meters, a flight time of about 580 seconds , and a maximum flight altitude of about 300 kilometers. For the first time, it is launched through the “Five Ones” to implement fast response and unsupported launch, namely “one arrow, one vehicle, one station, one aircraft, one PAD, intelligent test interpretation, the launch is completed within 10 minutes. 

This launch is also the first time for a private rocket company to explore controllable re-entry flight, man-in-loop space flight control, (upper level) redundant fault-tolerant control, and for the first time to realize fully autonomous remote command and control, remote control telemetry, and vehicle-mounted mobile launch.

Thanks to all relevant authorities, shareholders and all sectors of society for their support, encouragement and trust in OneSpace.