Space Force Releases Service-specific Rank Names

WASHINGTON, (AFNS) — Effective Feb. 1, the Space Force will use the following rank names across all Space Force systems and in all manners of address.  

GradeRankAbbreviationTerms of Address
E1Specialist 1Spc1 Preferred term is Specialist but Spec1 or Specialist 1 are both acceptable
E2Specialist 2Spc2 Preferred term is Specialist but Spec2 or Specialist 2 are both acceptable
E3Specialist 3Spc3 Preferred term is Specialist but Spec3 or Specialist 3 are both acceptable
E4Specialist 4Spc4 Preferred term is Specialist but Spec4 or Specialist 4 are both acceptable
E5SergeantSgt Sergeant
E6Technical SergeantTSgt Sergeant or Technical Sergeant or Tech Sergeant
E7Master SergeantMSgtSergeant or Master Sergeant 
E8Senior Master SergeantSMSgtSenior or Senior Master Sergeant
E9Chief Master SergeantCMSgtChief or Chief Master Sergeant 
E9Chief Master Sergeant of the Space ForceCMSSFChief or Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force
O1Second Lieutenant2d LtSecond Lieutenant or Lieutenant
O2First Lieutenant1st Lt First Lieutenant or Lieutenant
O3CaptainCapt Captain
O4MajorMaj Major
O5Lieutenant ColonelLt Col Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel
O7Brigadier GeneralBrig GenBrigadier General or General 
O8Major GeneralMaj GenMajor General or General
O9Lieutenant GeneralLt GenLieutenant General or General 

Publications, forms, websites, and systems will reflect these grade changes beginning Feb. 1, but it may take time for all systems to reflect the change.

Guardians will wear Air Force rank insignia until the Space Force finalizes its own rank insignia designs, which is expected sometime in the coming months. The service will announce opportunities for Guardians to contribute feedback during the design process. 

Crowdsourced feedback on rank names was collected from the field and was part of the decision-making process.

This change does not trigger the need to update the member’s common access card. The service will issue guidance on updating to a Space Force CAC when those details are finalized.

For more information, the official memo announcing rank names can be found at the CAC-enabled Space Force portal: