Launch of ENTRUSTED Project Dedicated to Secure Government Satellite Communications

Credit: ESA

LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg Space Agency PR) — A new research project named ENTRUSTED was launched on 15 September 2020. ENTRUSTED stands for European Networking for satellite  Telecommunication Roadmap for the governmental Users requiring  Secure inTeroperable innovativE  and standardiseD services.

ENTRUSTED will be implemented by almost 20 organisations representing EU Member States including Luxembourg and EU agencies. With a budget close to EUR 3 million, allocated under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, ENTRUSTED will deliver its expected results by February 2023.

ENTRUSTED has its origins in the growing demand for reliable and secure governmental communication

Vital factors driving the development of secure satellite communication services include:

  • Exchange of confidential information
  • Prevention of communication jamming and disruption due to external interference
  • The need for wider accessibility, resilience and cost-effective solutions

ENTRUSTED aims at accomplishing the following tasks over the next 30 months:

  • Development of a common understanding of governmental user needs for secure SATCOM systems;
  • Creation of a consolidated and prioritised set of user requirements for the future EU GOVSATCOM programme;
  • Analysis of available and planned secure SATCOM capabilities and solutions offered by commercial operators and governments, taking into consideration relevant use scenarios;
  • Preparation of a synergies map serving the uptake of secure SATCOM solutions among different users, based on different capabilities and requirements;
  • Identification of needs for standardisation in terms of European standards for secure SATCOM user equipment and services;
  • Identification and prioritisation of main research and innovation actions to be taken at national and EU levels with regard to secure SATCOM user technologies;
  • Indication of options for a more efficient use of investments across the EU in secure SATCOM.

ENTRUSTED seeks to develop recommendations for the European Commission in terms of considerations that could affect user experience of secure SATCOM services. ENTRUSTED will provide guidelines for user-related activities and pave the way for the future EU GOVSATCOM programme.