Video: First Hot Fire Testing of 75kN HyImpulse Hybrid Rocket Motor

Video Caption: At midday of Tuesday 15 September, the first firing of the HyImpulse 75kN hybrid rocket motor was a full success! It was performed at the world class DLR Lampoldshausen testing facility.

This is the biggest hybrid rocket motor ever built and tested in Europe. This marks an important milestone in accomplishing our plan for a suborbital flight in early 2021 and the first flight of the three stage HyImpulse launcher SL1 by the end of 2022.

HyImpulse is the first German Mini -Launcher startup to have its full-size flight weight motor developed, built and hot fire tested on a test bench. With the NewSpace Launch sector heating up, this important milestone immensely advances our international position in this area.

The test confirms that the rocket propellants based on our proprietary Paraffin/LOX formulation achieve the same high performance as liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels with a much-simplified propulsion system and at a fraction of the cost.

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This series of test firings is funded by the HyImpulse HyTec project from the EU SME Phase II in the framework of Horizon 2020.

Launcher SL1
From HyImpulse Website

Launcher SL1 (Credit: HyImpulse)

Stages: 3
Payload: 500 kg to low Earth orbit
Type: Hybrid
Fuel: Paraffin and liquid oxygen
Number of Engines: 12
Height: 27 meters
Diameter: 22 meters
Liftoff Mass: 36,000 kg