Chinese Rocket Company LandSpace Raises $175 Million

Landspace Zhuque-1 booster (Credit: Landspace)

Chinese launch company LandSpace announced on Wednesday that it has completed a series C+ funding round valued at $175 million (1.2 billion yuan) to fund its Zhuque-2 booster.

Landspace raised $73 million (500 million yuan) in a C round last December.

The 49.5 meter tall Zhuque-2 booster is powered by liquid oxygen (LOX) and cryogenic methane. It is designed to to deliver the following payloads to Earth orbit:

(Metric Ton)
AltitudeOrbit Type
2.21,100 kmSun synchronous
4.0500 kmSun synchronous
6.0200 kmLow Earth

The booster and fairing diameters are 3.35 m. The liftoff mass of the rocket is 216 metric tons and the booster has a liftoff thrust of 268 metric tons.

Landspace is working toward a maiden launch of the new booster in June 2021.

Landspace has been busy testing the rocket’s motors. Engineers conducted three gimballed hot fires of the 80-ton thrust Tianque 12 LOX-methane engine between May 9 and May 13, the company said.

On July 14, engineers conducted a continuous hot fire of the 10-ton thrust Tianque 11 LOX-methane engine for 3,000 seconds, Landspace said.