Astrobotic Peregrine Lunar Lander Completes Structural Model Testing

Peregrine vehicle undergoing testing. (Credit: Astrobotic Technology)

Astrobotic Technology
Peregrine Mission One Update

Our Peregrine lunar lander successfully completed structural model testing, marking a major development milestone toward its maiden voyage and lunar landing in 2021!

These tests qualify the integrity of the Peregrine lander’s structure and its ability to survive launch while carrying payloads from 16 customers. The test campaign was completed using the Peregrine Structural Test Model (STM), a one-to-one scale representation of Peregrine that was assembled at Astrobotic’s new lunar logistics headquarters in Pittsburgh.

Testing was conducted over 2 months at the Dayton T. Brown, Inc. commercial test facility in Bohemia, NY. The campaign proved that Peregrine can withstand the flight environment of United Launch Alliance (ULA)’s Vulcan Centaur, the launch vehicle for the mission.

“This is a major step towards verifying the Peregrine design, and I’m really proud that our team was able to meet aggressive schedules while operating under the strict safety protocols required during the pandemic,“ Sharad Bhaskaran, Mission Director.

Moving forward, the STM will be used for Peregrine Mission One landing stability testing and future mission configuration studies. Flight structure manufacturing for the mission will begin this fall.