Unlocking India’s Potential in Space Sector

As Approved by the Union Cabinet on 24 June 2020

The Indian Space programme is characterized by a vision to use space technology for national development. The primary objective of the space programme is to establish operational space services in a self-reliant manner in the thrust areas of satellite communication, satellite-based resource survey/management, satellite navigation, satellite meteorological applications and other emerging areas and to carry out sustained research and development in these areas.

Department of Space (DOS) is responsible for administration of the Indian Space Programme. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is a premier research and development organization under Department of Space. It is responsible for research and development as well as execution of Projects related to space science, technology and applications. ISRO is also responsible for research and development in cutting edge technologies. To address the vast areas of the mandate, depending on specialized technical areas of activity, different Centres and Units have been created by ISRO, with high technology infrastructure.

Being a Scientific & Technological organization responsible for executing numerous & diverse complex inter-disciplinary projects with multiple users, ISRO follows a functional matrix structure, in which all centres/units contribute to the different space programme verticals according to their core competence.

Over the last five decades, ISRO has been successful in the development of indigenous end-to-end capability in space technology and space activities. This has also led to the growth in Indian industries, with more than 500 MSMEs, PSUs and large private industries contributing significantly to the Indian space programme. The involvement of industries in space activities has created jobs for around 45,000 people in the country. Many sectors like defence production, telecom, materials, chemicals and precision engineering have benefitted from this exercise.

Industries have matured in the field of motor cases, engines, satellite production and rocket motor realization to the level of exporting indigenous technologies.

To enable enhanced participation of Indian Industries in taking up high-tech space related activities, Government of India has incorporated NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), a wholly owned Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE), under the administrative control of Department of Space.