Ukraine to Conduct Inventory of Space Intellectual Property

KIEV, Ukraine (State Space Agency of Ukraine PR) — The space industry is a science-intensive and strategic industry that forms the image of Ukraine as a country with high innovation and intellectual potential. During the years of existence of the space industry, scientists, specialists and engineers have created thousands of technological developments and received patents for them. However, during the 27 years of operation of the State Space Agency, no inventory of these developments has ever been conducted. 

“Now our goal is to identify all intellectual property objects in the space industry of Ukraine, to organize and protect them. After that, we plan to create a special online platform where you can legally purchase a patent or invest money in technology that is in the early stages of development. The project was named Space Gate IP-Platform, “said Volodymyr Usov, head of the State Space Agency. 

Transparent accounting and commercialization of intellectual property will be an incentive for professionals to continue to engage in space technology. 

“We also predict that the project will clearly demonstrate the demand for Ukrainian technology in the world,” adds Usov. 

The first step in creating the platform is a memorandum of cooperation, which was signed on May 7 by the state enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” and the State Space Agency of Ukraine. 

The next step of the space agency is to participate in the TISC (Technology and Innovation Support Center) program, which will allow to create a Technology Transfer Center in a short time and train its own specialists in the field of intellectual property.