NPO Energomash Accelerator Identifies 10 Projects for Development

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — Experts from NPO Energomash (part of Roscosmos State Corporation) and integrated enterprises completed the first stage of the corporate accelerator, selecting the top 10 projects in three areas: IT technologies, civilian products, and rocket propulsion. In total, 167 applications were submitted for the competition.

During the formal examination, 96 projects were initially selected, of which 29 were allowed for in-person evaluation. However, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the leadership of NPO Energomash together with the Skolkovo Foundation decided to transfer the in-person selection to the remote mode. 

According to the results of the hearings of the projects, which lasted three weeks, the accelerator experts identified 10 most interesting projects for Energomash: three in the IT direction, three in the direction of civilian products and four in engine building.

List of Winning Projects

Engine Building

  • High frequency inductive rocket engine with external magnetic field;
  • multi-functional ceramic gas turbine engine;
  • computer technology and the creation of a center for predictive multi-level modeling of modern materials, processes and devices;
  • turbo inspect.

Civilian Products

  • A method of energy conversion based on a rotary vane machine: compressors, pumps and units;
  • electro-mechanical drives and gearboxes;
  • Piezoelectric linear stepper actuator for pipeline valves.

Information Technology

  • Conundrum – Industrial Artificial Intelligence;
  • development of predictive analytics and tool wear prediction systems;
  • creation of a joint business laboratory for the development of virtual test sites based on digital twin technology.

Alexey Belyakov, Vice President, Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Advanced Production Technologies, Nuclear and Space Technologies Cluster: “Based on the results of the accelerator network stage, the desired results for us would be an industrial partnership between the integrated structure of rocket propulsion and selected“ startups “, piloting on the site NPO Energomash and other companies, as well as integration into customer’s production chains. To this end, in-person selection projects will need to work closely with the customer’s representatives to prepare a description of the pilot project with an assessment of the budget and implementation potential. ”

Dmitry Pakhomov , Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, NPO Energomash: “Based on the results of the first stage of the accelerator, we selected 10 projects. That is, the maximum that was originally calculated. This result exceeded our initial expectations. I would also like to note the interest shown by the experts of the integrated structure and the high level of elaboration of the applications received, including from residents of the Skolkovo Foundation.  The work continues, and now together we will work on creating the best liquid-propellant rocket engines and promising civilian products demanded by the market.”