A Message on COVID-19 Pandemic from Space Foundation CEO Tom Zelibor

Tom Zelibor (Credit: Space Foundation)

A Message from Our CEO

As a world and an industry, we are in the midst of a global health and economic crisis. While there may be uncertainty about how we will recover, there is no doubt that the same ingenuity, drive, and collaboration that serves our exploration and industrialization of space will lead us to a swift recovery.

In just the last weeks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared use of a new corona virus test that returns results four times faster than existing diagnostic machines. We’ve seen scientists from around the world share and integrate the genome sequences of dozens of corona virus strains to spur development of a vaccine — a result aided by the space and satellite technology that allows split-second global communication.

During this recovery, we find ourselves at an unusual demarcation between the relative stability of the world before corona virus and the fluidity of present day. That will be important to remember as you read The Space Report 2020, Quarter One. The analysis it provides is built from data and market conditions that existed before the spread of the global pandemic. In the coming months, it should be expected that everything we track about the space industry and market conditions will undergo dramatic change.

As with any analysis, it is crucial to have benchmarks that will help us analyze change and develop trend lines, and that is one role The Space Report plays. But as we move forward, you will be able to rely on the Space Foundation and its research to provide insight and understanding about how the space industry is changing and adapting to our new reality. Our updates aren’t limited to quarterly editions; you will find fresh analytics on The Space Report Online as they come available.

For 37 years, the Space Foundation has been an energetic advocate for the global space community. Through our annual Space Symposium and The Space Report, we provide research and insight valuable to the global scientific and business community. As a global space connector — both through symposium and our programs — the Space Foundation is in the unique position to assemble the entire spectrum of stakeholders across the space industry. Our business development programs help connect and support space industry entrepreneurs and explore the multitude and diversity of space-industry jobs, careers, and business pathways the space economy offers. As important as  symposium, The Space Report, and these programs were before this pandemic, we see them as vital components to the economic recovery of the space industry and the fulfillment of our larger mission to be a trusted source of space information and a provider of exceptional forums for the exchange of ideas. Through these initiatives, we all will emerge stronger than ever.

Best regards,

Tom Zelibor
Rear Admiral, USN (Retired)
Chief Executive Officer, Space Foundation