York Space Systems Unveils Hydra Mission Series for Launch Starting in 2020

DENVER (York Space Systems PR) — York Space Systems, an aerospace company specializing in providing turn-key customer solutions and the manufacturer and operator of standardized spacecraft for rapid deployment, today announced its Hydra Mission Series, slated for launch beginning later this year.

The Hydra series leverages York Space Systems’ fully qualified operational spacecraft design and standardized payload interfaces, as well as an enhanced production and integration facility for government and commercial manifested payload missions. Entry to orbit timelines for the Hydra series are as short as three months from delivery of customer hardware to York Space Systems’ headquarters in Denver, Colorado. 

The Hydra series of spacecraft allows space system providers to flight qualify their new designs for payloads, subsystems, or components for an unprecedented low cost and minimal wait time. Customers will simply deliver their payloads to York Space Systems who will manage everything from spacecraft integration, environmental testing, launch procurement, ground systems, mission operations, licensing and insurance.

Customers can acquire the entire payload allocation for $3 million to orbit, with many securing a fraction of the available allocation for pro-rated amounts, as low as $300,000. Additionally, customers will receive completely confidential encrypted data from the Hydra series satellites on-orbit automatically. An added benefit to the program is the Hydra Flat-Sat software, a development tool that further streamlines payload integration and responsive access to space. 

“York began with a strategic focus on enabling advanced space solutions that leverage standardization. Our customers are expanding the scope of innovation in our industry for both commercial and government use, and York remains committed to supporting their ambitions,” said Melanie Preisser, Vice President of National Systems at York Space Systems. “With this new Hydra mission series, we are looking to provide the next generation of space and space data entrepreneurs a very simple and low risk method to accelerate their concepts to reality and strengthen our nation’s space infrastructure.”

York Space Systems is currently seeking concepts that demonstrate the next generation of hybrid space architectures to further promote competition of ideas and collaboration among partners for a more resilient space ecosystem.

The Hydra I mission is fully subscribed with multiple customers and is planned for launch December 2020. As each spacecraft in the series becomes subscribed, York Space Systems will continue to prep quarterly missions for launch. The company is currently in discussions for payloads for Hydra II, which will launch three months after Hydra I. 

The reveal of the new Hydra Series follows the successful launch of York Space Systems spacecraft earlier this year and the news of its manufacturing facilities expansion in Denver. The company also recently opened an office in Washington D.C., further signifying York Space Systems growth and momentum in the sector.

To learn more about York Space Systems please visit:  https://www.yorkspacesystems.com/

About York Space Systems

York Space Systems is radically improving spacecraft affordability and reliability, transforming and enabling next generation space mission operations worldwide. Today, it is one of the most innovative aerospace companies, specializing in both end-to-end customer solutions and the rapid production of spacecraft platforms. York’s complete Space Segment Solution including spacecraft production, payload integration, system integration & test, launch services, ground segment services, and mission operations enables customers to leverage York’s existing technology solutions to rapidly and responsively get to orbit outpacing competitors. York’s S-CLASS industrial-grade platform is a standardized 3-axis stabilized spacecraft capable of supporting 85kg payloads with up to 200W of Orbit Average Power (OAP) and 3,000W peak (Enhanced power system), while reducing the cost of manufacture by an order of magnitude. The S-CLASS spacecraft is fully compatible with all launch vehicles, including ground and air-launched, and ground segment providers.  When optioned with York’s cloud-based mission tasking and operations center, an ultra-low-cost solution is available on demand for next generation data collection and analytics companies. For more information, visit  http://www.YorkSpaceSystems.com