Virgin Galactic Goes Public on New York Stock Exchange

Richard Branson celebrates the first Virgin Galactic trade on the New York Stock Exchange. (Credit Virgin Galactic)

NEW YORK, October 28, 2019 (Virgin Galactic PR) — Virgin Galactic’s Purpose states that “Together we Open Space to Change the World for Good”. The “Together” part of that statement is important; space is hard and transforming the access we have to it, takes a concerted and combined effort.

As Richard said in his “Letter to my Grandchildren” on the occasion of Virgin Galactic’s first space flight: “When you set off on challenging but important adventures exceptional people come forward to join the journey, people who are consistently by your side and on your side, people who share your dreams and people who help make them reality”.

That has been Virgin Galactic’s experience from day one: our 600 Future Astronaut customers from 60 countries who provided a vital, early proof of market and who have helped to define and perfect our product; our incredible workforce –the only team in the world to have built and flown a Mach 3 winged, commercial space vehicle and our partners, like Land RoverUnder Armour and Boeing who are strengthening our business and enhancing our customers’ experience.

The fascination with human spaceflight is universal and as we start to create a new transportation infrastructure which will transform our business and personal relationships with space, there will be more and more opportunities for everyone to get involved. That process of democratisation is at the heart of our business and what drives the new age of space exploration and discovery.

We added one more in a long line of firsts today and furthered the democratisation of space, as Virgin Galactic Holdings became the first and only publicly listed human spaceflight company, with shares starting to trade on the New York Stock Exchange this morning, under the stock ticker SPCE.

This historical milestone means that now, for the first time, anyone can invest in the exciting future of human spaceflight and contribute to the benefits to humanity, that we believe will result from improving space transportation and extending the space experience to many thousands of people from all walks of life.

The successful conclusion of Virgin Galactic’s merger with Social Capital Hedosophia and the start of trading today is a result of an intense period of work but gives us a solid foundation to complete our flight test program, commence regular commercial passenger flights with our SpaceShipTwo system and also start to look at future technologies and markets as we build the Spaceline for Earth.

As Richard said at the start of trading in New York: “To fellow investors, employees of VG and The Spaceship Company, business partners and customers – thank you for your commitment to our great company, which has made today’s exciting announcement possible. With our proprietary spaceflight system, special airspace access at Spaceport America, globally-recognized brand and broad investor interest, we believe Virgin Galactic is ideally positioned to capitalize on the fast-growing, multibillion-dollar commercial space market and ultimately open space to thousands of new astronauts. Today, we accomplished one mission, and as we bring more and more future astronauts to space, we look forward to accomplishing many more.”