Chang’e-4 Rover, Lander Begin 10th Month of Work on Moon

Tracks on the lunar surface. (Credit: CNSA)

BEIJING (CNSA PR) — The Chang’e-4 lander and the Yutu No. 2 lunar rover safely passed through the 14-day moonlight night environment, and were successfully “awakened” by the light at 20:26 on September 23 and 20:30 on the 22nd, enter the tenth month of the working period.

During the ninth month, “Yu Rabbit No. 2” discovered an unidentified gelatinous substance in the crater on the back of the moon. The lunar rover operator carefully designed the driving scheme and successfully carried out the science of the depth of the crater and the distribution of the spatter. Detection, we look forward to “Jade Rabbit No. 2” to bring us more surprises and scientific discoveries.

During the ninth month and night, the No. 4 lander and the Yutu No. 2 lunar rover were in a shutdown state. After the end of the moonlight, when the output power of the two solar panels meets the wake-up threshold, the two devices can power on some key equipment according to a predetermined procedure to resume communication with the ground. Subsequently, under ground control, a normal working state is established.

Surface on the far side of the moon. (Credit: CNSA)

At present, the No. 4 lander and the Yutu No. 2 lunar rover are in normal working condition, and the data reception and processing of the ground monitoring stations and centers are normal. So far, the “Yu Rabbit No. 2” lunar rover has walked a total of 284.661 meters.

During the tenth month of the working period, the two devices will continue to carry out scientific exploration work. The scientific research personnel also carry out relevant research work based on the engineering and scientific data obtained during the first month of the month, and provide experience and support for the follow-up tasks of the lunar exploration project.