Rocket Lab Seeks Changes at Mahia Peninsula for Second Launch Pad

Electron rocket on the launch pad. (Credit: Rocket Lab)

Rocket Lab has applied to Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for approval for some changes related to a planned second launch pad at its spaceport on Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand, The Gisborne Herald reports.

Rocket Lab communications manager Morgan Bailey said the application referred to an amendment to Rocket Lab’s existing resource consent for Launch Complex 1, which allows for up to three launch pads on the same site.

“While we don’t need this many pads at the moment, we are looking at what resource and environmental standards Rocket Lab will need to have in place for a potential second pad in the future,” said Ms Bailey.

“The amendment addresses how Rocket Lab would deal with rain that falls on an additional pad. As for how that water is managed, Rocket Lab was founded on the principle of using space to better understand and protect our environment. This means committing to carefully managing and protecting the environment at the launch site too.

“The rainwater at the launch site is captured for reuse and does not flow into the sea. Any wastewater from bathrooms or grey water is also transported away from the site by a professional service that disposes of it correctly.”

Rocket Lab is also constructing a launch pad on Wallops Island in Virginia for flights of its Electron small satellite booster.