Trump: $1.6 Billion More to Jump Start Human Lunar Program

In theory, this is a supplemental appropriation request on top of NASA’s $21.5 billion budget for FY 2019. However, Eric Berger of Ars Technica says the money will come from offsets, i.e., reductions, in other parts of NASA’s budget. That will not go over well with Congress.

Correction: The $1.6 billion is for FY 2020 which starts on Oct. 1. Congress rarely passes a budget before the fiscal year begins, so NASA might have to get by with a continuing resolution that keeps spending at the FY 2019 level. In previous years, NASA has operated like that for months.

It seems landing humans on the moon by 20124 is an important national priority. But, the Trump Administration isn’t really that serious about funding it properly. So, will this actually happen or will it be another stillborn lunar plan for which there is no political will to actually fund.