Droegenmeier: America Leading the World in Science and Technology

Kelvin Droegemeier

by Kelvin K. Droegemeier
Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

As we mark fifty years since the Apollo 11 mission landed Americans on the Moon, capturing the imagination of the world, our Nation is again on the verge of a new bold era in science and technology. Breakthroughs in medicine, communications, transportation, physics, engineering, biology, and many other fields, will help tackle the greatest challenges of our time and allow Americans to live safer, healthier, and more economically prosperous lives.

To ensure the United States continues to lead the world in science and technology (S&T), President Trump is committed to a robust agenda that unleashes American discovery and innovation, builds our workforce of the future, and advances American values at home and abroad.

Unleashing American discovery and innovation means providing the environment that allows our scientists, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to do what they do best – explore, discover and be creative. The American free market system is unmatched in pushing the boundaries of science and technology, and our continued global leadership is dependent upon removing obstacles to achieve our full potential – –every person, every organization, every corner of our Nation.   We must eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens that preoccupy our researchers with pushing paper rather than making new discoveries. We must streamline ways to bring those discoveries from the lab into the marketplace. We must strengthen partnerships across the uniquely American R&D system comprised of colleges and universities, Federal and National labs, private companies, non-profits, and Federal agencies. And, we must improve the overall safety, accommodation and productivity of research settings to attract, empower, and retain America’s best and brightest.

Cutting-edge technologies will continue to change and shape American jobs across all sectors. This is why President Trump’s pro-worker agenda is at the heart of our efforts to build the American workforce of the future. The Administration places a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and nontraditional education pathways to ensure men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and zip codes have access to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and skills. We remain focused on helping individuals from all walks of life embrace technology and adapt successfully to the changing world. In order for the United States to lead in S&T, we must draw upon the talents of all Americans.

Finally, the American R&D enterprise is amazing not only because of what it creates, but also because of what creates it – our American values. Our Nation leads global scientific progress by example, promoting core principles of freedom of inquiry, scientific integrity, collaboration, and openness. And while we stand firmly behind these hallmarks of research, we must always understand the real security concerns that arise when our resources fall into the hands of those attempting to do us harm. The Trump Administration recognizes the importance of striking the balance of an open research environment and safeguarding American assets and intellectual property.

This Administration has already made tremendous progress in ensuring American S&T leadership. For example:

America celebrates research everywhere it occurs. But as other nations advance, we must advance as well. We are working to ensure a future in which American innovation, American values, and the American workforce continue to inspire and lead the world. Our discoveries advance the collective knowledge of mankind, our innovations improve security and quality of life for all, and our values spread hope and freedom. This is the heartbeat of America, and this is unwavering focus of the Trump Administration.

  • mike shupp

    Global warming, dude?

  • duheagle

    Surely you jest.

  • Saturn1300

    Impressive, but he missed a biggy. The Dummies have to be weeded out. If the report of not using aircraft grade material on F-9 is true(it may be a Russian site to spread dissension) then SpaceX has to give an IQ test to everyone in the company. As does NASA and all the other aero-space companies and WalMart. The FAA has standards and they must be followed. USAF has a TO(tech order) for everything. If assigned to a new job, research has to be done to make sure you are up to date on the subject. The military gives such a test to new recruits. This gives some idea if the person can do the job they are seeking. If not then they are offered other jobs. If SpaceX did not do this when they hired people, they must do it now. Or quit. Dummies can not be allowed in critical jobs. Thinking is required in those jobs. Honesty must be determined. Not by traps, but by interviews and the IQ test. Schooling history helps but must not be an automatic hire. If any Dummies are detected they are 1st sent to school to see if they can change. If not they are fired. Supervisors have to always watch for Dummies. Especially in young people(no experience). Young people may fake that they understand what you are saying so watch that. Check on what they are doing to verify.