Virgin Galactic’s Beth Moses Talks About “Indescribable” Flight Aboard SpaceShipTwo

Virgin Galactic’s Chief Astronaut Trainer Beth Moses describes floating in zero gravity aboard SpaceSHipTwo VSS Unity. The company’s ninth powered flight reached an altitude of 295,007 ft (89.9 km/55.87 miles) over the California’s Mojave Desert. This makes Moses and pilots David Mackay and Mike ‘Sooch’ Masucci eligible for civilian astronaut wings.

Richard Branson’s space tourism company expects to begin making commercial flights to space a reality later in 2019. The British billionaire plans to be aboard the first flight.

  • WhoAmI

    👍🏼 Doug: Did they share any of that champagne with you? 🍾🥂

  • Bulldog

    Her description of the flight, as someone who knows the business and has spent her career around astronauts is really telling – it must be incredible!

  • Saturn1300

    I assume she is kin to Mike Moses. Is it legal to hire your on kin? I guess so at this company. I guess the head man can hire anyone he wants.

  • savuporo

    She is being called first commercial woman astronaut or whatever. I wonder what Anousheh Ansari, and even Helen Sharman think of that

  • Bulldog

    Yes, Mike is her husband. Beth is also ex-NASA. She was the Extravehicular Activity System Manager for the International Space Station and served in that role from before the launch of the first segment through final completion. She is also a Purdue grad (as is Mike) and very accomplished engineer. At Virgin she doing double duty as both Astronaut Trainer and heading up the spacecraft interiors group that is responsible for the passenger compartment appointments.