Roscosmos, Space Adventures Sign Contract to Send Two Tourists to International Space Station

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — The Roscosmos State Corporation and the American company Space Adventures, Inc. have signed a contract for short-term space flights to the International Space Station (ISS) of two non-professional astronauts on one ship. The flight to the station will take place before the end of 2021.

Roscosmos and Space Adventures have been cooperating in the field of space tourism since 2001, when the first space tourist, Denis Tito, flew into orbit. In total, during this time, 7 people visited the space tourism program in space, and Charles Simoni visited the ISS two times.

The conclusion of this contract will allow additionally “loading” of the production facilities of RSC Energia, Progress RCC, TsENKI and other enterprises of the rocket and space industry. The industry has already begun to create the Soyuz transport manned spacecraft and the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle for the flight of tourists into space. The execution of all works on the creation of space technology will be carried out at the expense of space tourists.