University of Luxembourg Launches New Interdisciplinary Space Master’s Program

LUXEMBOURG (University of Luxembourg PR) — The University of Luxembourg announces the launch of a new two-year Interdisciplinary Space Master study course in the fall of 2019. The Master programme aims to provide students with the required engineering skills in the space industry, along with both deep and broad knowledge to manage space-related business activities.

The Interdisciplinary Space Master has the support of Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Space Agency and of a number of industry partners. “With the new study programme, the University responds to the growing need for graduates who are uniquely qualified to contribute to a growing and dynamic industry,” says University Rector Stéphane Pallage.

Using a project-based learning approach, graduates will obtain a fundamental understanding of the scientific bases and technical requirements to manage space missions.Courses will touch upon space systems engineering, space operations, space resources utilisation, space data mining and intelligent systems, satellite communications, and robotics. “Our programme is unique in that graduates will obtain a fundamental technical understanding of space-related projects, as well as the business, legal, and financial fundamentals required to develop start-up and scale-ups, as well as support the larger, established space companies,” adds Vice-Rector Tonie van Dam.

Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy said: “The Interdisciplinary Space Master further reinforces the dynamism of the national sector driven by the initiative and the appeal of space and its potential. By training young people for their professional insertion into Luxembourg’s space ecosystem, the Master programme blends in with the government’s objective to become Europe’s hub for NewSpace activities, in particular in the field of exploration and use of resources in space.”

Luxembourg has a dynamic and growing space sector, with more than 50 private, public and academic players. In the context of its unique framework for the exploration and commercial utilisation of resources in space, about 20 space companies have established a presence in Luxembourg in the last three years. Technological progress, cheaper access to space and interest from investors are expected to fuel the growth of the industry in the near future.

Claude Meisch, Minister of Higher Education and Research said: “The Space Master programme will be offered by two University Faculties, one interdisciplinary centre and industry experts and therefore the programme will have a unique interdisciplinary orientation. This Master programme of the University will provide a strong contribution to the economic development of the space sector.”

To ensure alignment of the programme with business requirements, the Master Course was developed with input from important players in the space sector. Some of these companies endorse the programme by offering internships to students.

The Luxembourg Space Agency contributes funding to support the programme. This funding serves to establish two new laboratories to support project-based learning and to recruit three professors who have in-depth expertise in space.

Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency, commented: “The Interdisciplinary Space Master is unique in Europe. The aim of this master program is to have in Luxembourg a constant pool of skilled engineers and innovative entrepreneurs creating the future leading commercial space enterprises. The students will acquire various skills needed by the local space companies and develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to be successful in the development of a new space industry, in particular in the space resources sector.”