Orion Space Falls Short of $2 Million Fund-raising Goal

Aurora station (Credit: Orion Span)

SpaceNews reports that commercial space station startup Orion Span raised only a portion of the $2 million it sought through the online investment website SeedInvest.

A copy of the SeedInvest page for Orion Span, archived by SpaceNews hours before the deadline Jan. 25, shows the company raised $225,700 by that point, far short of its public goal of $2 million. A copy of the site captured by the Internet Archive Jan. 26, just after the deadline, says the campaign raised $235,700.

SeedInvest, which says on its website that it accepts only about one percent of the startups who apply to use the site for equity crowdfunding, did not respond to multiple requests for comment regarding the total amount raised by Orion Span and why the campaign web site was no longer available.

Orion Span also declined to comment on the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign or its future plans. Courtney Merolle, a spokesperson representing the company, said in a Jan. 29 email that “it’s a bit hectic right now and we are going to have to pass on this opportunity” to discuss the fundraising effort.

Orion Span plans to build a private station named Aurora in Earth orbit that would offer stays to tourists.