A Closer Look at the Satellites on the SSO-A Mission

Falcon 9 lifts off on Spaceflight SSO-A mission. (Credit: SpaceX webcast)

Ever since Spaceflight’s launch of 64 satellites on a single Falcon 9, you’ve probably been wondering what those spacecraft were and what the hell they’re doing up there.

Welp, I’ve looked that up so you don’t have to. The table below explains all that, courtesy of Wikipedia. If anyone out there knows of any satellites that are not in the table, please provide details in the comments section.

Thank you for your support.

SatelliteCompany/Organization PurposeNation
Audacy ZeroAudacyTechnology demonstrationUSA
BlackHawkViaSatTechnology demonstrationUSA
BlackSky Global 2BlackSky GlobalEarth observationUSA
BRIOSpaceQuest, Ltd., MyriotaTechnology demonstrationUSA
Capella 1Capella SpaceEarth observation (radar)USA
Centauri 2Fleet Space TechnologiesTechnology demonstrationUSA
CSIM-FDUniversity of Colorado BoulderHeliophysicsUSA
Elysium Star 2Elysium SpaceSpace burialUSA
eXCITe + SeeMe constellationDARPATechnology demonstration (satlets)USA
FalconSat 6U.S. Air Force AcademyTechnology demonstrationUSA
Flock-3s 1–3Planet LabsEarth observationUSA
Fox 1CAMSAT, VPI, Vanderbilt UniversityTechnology demonstrationUSA
Hawk 1–3HawkEye 360SIGINT, traffic monitoringUSA
Hiber 2Hiber GlobalCommunicationsUSA
ICE-CapUS Navy, PEO Space SystemsTechnology demonstrationUSA
IRVINE02Irvine CubeSat STEM ProgramHigh school educationUSA
Landmapper-BC 4Astro DigitalEarth observationUSA
MinXSS 2University of Colorado BoulderHeliophysicsUSA
Orbital ReflectorNevada Museum of ArtArtUSA
ORS 7A, 7B (Polar Scout 1, 2)U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland SecurityCommunicationsUSA
RANGE A, BGeorgia Institute of TechnologyTechnology demonstrationUSA
ROSE 1Phase FourTechnology demonstrationUSA
SeaHawk 1University of North CarolinaEarth observationUSA
SkySat 14, 15Planet LabsEarth observationUSA
SpaceBEE 9–11Swarm TechnologiesCommunicationsUSA
STPSat 5U.S. Air Force STPTechnology demonstrationUSA
THEASpaceQuest, Ltd., Aurora InsightTechnology demonstrationUSA
VESTAexactEarthTechnology demonstrationCanada
SatelliteCompany/Organization PurposeNation
Aistechsat 1AistechEarth observationSpain
Astrocast 0.1AstrocastTechnology demonstrationSwitzerland
Eaglet 1OHB ItaliaEarth observationItaly
ESEOALMASpaceTechnology demonstrationEurope
Eu:CROPISDLRLife sciencesGermany
ICEYE X2IceyeEarth observation (radar)Finland
KazSTSATKazakhstan Garysh Sapary, AstriumEarth observationKazakhstan
KazsaySatInstitute of Space Technique and TechnologyEarth observationKazakhstan
PW-Sat 2Warsaw University of TechnologyTechnology demonstrationPoland
SatelliteCompany/Organization PurposeNation
NEXTSat 1KAISTTechnology demonstrationSouth Korea
SNUGLITESeoul National UniversityAmateur radio, technology demonstrationSouth Korea
SNUSAT 2Seoul National UniversityEarth observationSouth Korea
VisionCubeKorea Aerospace UniversityThermospheric researchSouth Korea
ExseedSat 1ExseedAmateur radioIndia
KNACKSATKMUTNBTechnology demonstrationThailand
RAAF M1Australian Defence Force AcademyTechnology demonstrationAustralia
SatelliteCompany/Organization PurposeNation
ITASAT-1ITAEarth observationBrazil
SatelliteCompany/Organization PurposeNation
JY1-SatJordanian universitiesAmateur radioJordan