Group Forms to Oppose UK Spaceport

Artist’s impression of a UK spaceport. (Credit: Perfect Circle PV)

The BBC reports a group named Protect The Mhoine (PTM) has formed to oppose plans to construct a spaceport on the Moine peninsula in Sutherland.

Its members’ concerns include the boundary of the spaceport’s exclusion zone being only a few hundred metres from their property, and also the handling of consultation on the project.Under the proposals, satellites launched from Sutherland would fly from north to south….

Chairman John William told BBC Scotland: “We think that drawbacks of building a spaceport on the Moine are far more serious and longer lasting than any possible benefits.

“The benefits are claimed to be 40 jobs in the area and perhaps 400 jobs worldwide. Those are tentative numbers.

“What is certain is if you destroy a peatlands area by putting roads across it, concrete in it and rockets on it the damage will last for hundreds or thousands of years.”

  • ThomasLMatula

    Not really surprised as that area is a very sensitive environment that folks are trying to preserve. Given the lack of demand for launches the environmentalists will probably be able to stop it.

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    When launching from Scotland I would have expected the satellites to go from south to north. There is sea to the north but land to the south including the European main land.

  • savuporo

    Given the lack of launchers in UK maybe they indeed will.

  • AdmBenson