New York Space Alliance Signs Space Act Agreement with NASA

The agreement builds on NASA’s Technology Transfer program that has led to the use of technologies developed for space missions in commercial applications since the creation of NASA. Notable examples include the development of cell phone cameras, eye-surgery procedures, and high-performance swimwear, among others.

Through the program Creating Startups with NASA Technologies, selected teams will have access to technologies and subject matter experts provided by NASA. Entrepreneurs can also attend startup boot camps, pitch ideas to investors, and rely on world-class mentors. The agreement was signed with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, which serves as the program’s liaison entity for NASA.

“NASA could greatly benefit from tapping into the New York talent pool,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer program executive, during a public event at the Intrepid museum in New York. “The program is pioneering an initiative where we are partnering with reputable organizations to help us source potential licensees for the technologies in our portfolio to create commercial products and services.”

“The key element is to reduce risk for all stakeholders involved,” said Sidney Nakao Nakahodo, cofounder and CEO of the New York Space Alliance. “Using technologies created and validated by NASA will mitigate risk for early stage startups while giving NASA access to highly qualified entrepreneurs, thereby increasing the chances of success for technology licensees.”

About The New York Space Alliance

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