Spacebit Technologies Brings Distributed Ledger Technology to Space

LONDON, October 20, 2018 (Spacebit PR) — What if everyone had the ability to participate in space projects? What would happen if space exploration and travel were to become — democratized? How can technology bridge the gap between space enthusiasts, governments, professional institutions, and private organizations?

Introducing Spacebit: A team of blockchain pioneers, astronauts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and rocket scientists, driven to democratize access to commercial space missions around the earth, the moon, and beyond. Using state of the art blockchain technology, Spacebit will decentralize the way in which these projects are executed and decided so that maximal involvement in the initiatives and mission choices are had by the public.

Spacebit’s first blockchain application for the commercial space industry is a decentralized ground communications system associated with satellite communications. The LinkX ground station scheduling system which is currently in beta will integrate into the global communication platform Orbit: Linx. This developing infrastructure will leverage blockchain to unify both public and private organizations around the world with a cohesive decentralized network for engagement with satellite communications.

The data shared between satellite providers and usage companies is a rare and valuable commodity. This decentralized global communication platform aims to become the platform of choice for handling space-related data. By consolidating this type of data into one platform, our technology lends itself opportunities to make technological breakthroughs across a myriad of industries.

When great minds are aligned, profound results are produced. Our decentralized and democratic backbone allows great minds all around the world to collaborate under a shared vision. We are paving a future towards a legitimate crypto economy among space-oriented companies and entrepreneurs. Our use of distributed ledger technology makes this type of economy possible.

In partnership with the Goonhilly Earth Station, Spacebit is building a new ecosystem for ground-based elements in space missions. These elements include radio communication systems, ground networks, and eventually components of mission control. Spacebit will be utilizing Goonhilly’s existing network of over 60 dishes to run our pilot projects.