Roscosmos Continues Investigation into Aborted Soyuz Launch

Soyuz MS-10 launch Photo (Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — The video recorder and telemetry data of Soyuz-FG, which suffered an accident during the launch on Thursday, October 11, were delivered to RSC Energia for studying and forming conclusions. The results of the analysis will be transferred to the commission established to investigate the incident.

Roscosmos is in constant contact with NASA on the issue of sending an American cargo ship to the ISS in the event of such a need.

On Sunday, October 14, parts of all levels of Soyuz-FG, which crashed during launch on Thursday, October 11, will be delivered to the Samara enterprise of the RCC Progress center (manufacturer of launch vehicles of the Soyuz family).

At the beginning of the next week, the flight testing commission will begin work at RCC Progress, which will study fragments of the stages of an emergency launch vehicle to form a further conclusion.

Roscosmos plans to speed up the preparation of a new launch vehicle in order to decide as soon as possible on the schedule for further launches. The decision on the schedule will be made immediately after permission is given for the further operation of the launch vehicles of this family.

Editor’s Note: Investigators have zeroed in on the side boosters. Based on photos of the flight, it appears one of them failed to separate as planned and hit the booster in the middle.