Video Remembrance of the Sept. 11 Attacks

Following the September 11th attacks, there was a celebrity telethon to raise money for relief efforts. Here is Jim Carrey telling a story about a rescue in one of the Twin Towers in New York.

I filmed this from my 10th story apartment in Pentagon City that had a view of where the plane at hit the building. I didn’t see the attack, but I watched the building burn all through the day. It was still on fire the next morning.

After the 9-11 attacks, a makeshift memorial was created along a wall of Arlington National Cemetery opposite of the wing of the building where the plane hit. I walked over from my apartment in Pentagon City one night to visit.

While I was there, a storm was moving in. I made it back to my apartment building just as the rain was beginning to fall. I returned to my darkened 10th floor apartment and, as the rain came down and lightning flashed outside, looked back at where the gap in the building where the plane had struck.

What I remember vividly in the weeks after the attack was the silence. Air traffic into National Airport had been suspended. But, there were planes up there. Late at night when everything was quiet, I could lie in bed and listen to the fighter jets as they circled over head, on constant guard for another attack. The sound would appear, fade out and then reappear a short time later. it was eerie thing to hear as I drifted off into a frequently uneasy sleep.

Approaching Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry on a muggy evening in June 2001. It had rained earlier, and clouds still hovered over the city. It would be the last time I saw the Twin Towers standing.