Video Update on SpaceX’s Mars Plans

Paul Wooster, Principal Mars Development Engineer, SpaceX

SpaceX’s plans for Mars

Paul is also a founding member of the Mars Society and an attendee at our early conferences!

From the 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention, held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Southern California from Aug 23-26, 2018.

The four-day International Mars Society Convention brings together leading scientists, engineers, aerospace industry representatives, government policymakers and journalists to talk about the latest scientific discoveries, technological advances and political-economic developments that could help pave the way for a human mission to the planet Mars.

  • Vladislaw

    Whenever I see that name it reminds me of this

    Wooster and Jeeves…

  • envy

    Some interesting stuff on what SpaceX is considering in a landing site. Not much new in terms of hardware development, though.

  • 76 er

    That’s a wonderful series, thanks for the link. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are superb! On another note, Laurie starred as the title character in the TV series “House”. My daughter really liked the show and didn’t believe me when I told her that Laurie was English. We found a clip of him on YouTube giving a speech at a British awards show. She told me, “Wow, his American accent is perfect!”