Watch Dr. Parker Watch the Launch of Parker Solar Probe

Video Caption: Dr. Eugene Parker watches the launch of the spacecraft that bears his name — NASA’s Parker Solar Probe — early in the morning of Aug. 12, 2018. Parker Solar Probe is humanity’s first mission to the Sun and will travel closer to our star than any spacecraft before. Credit: NASA/JHU Applied Physics Lab/Lee Hobson

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Man, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, G H.W. Bush, now Parker, all these people who are still around having ships named after them. It’s not right. Oh, just remembered the Q.E. and Q.E-2. To name ships after such a young woman. Crazy!

  • Larry J

    Falcon Air Force Station in Colorado was renamed Schriever AFB while General Schriever was still alive. I don’t know of any other example where that happened in the Air Force.

    It’s a rare honor to have a spacecraft named after you. It’s even more rare for the namesake to still be alive. At least this one wasn’t named after a politician.