UAE Astronaut Search: And Then There Were 18

The National reports that the United Arab Emirates has a short list for its astronaut corps.

With 4,022 Emiratis originally applying, a shortlist of 95 men and women was whittled down to 39. Now now the remaining 18 candidates will proceed to the final interview stage.

Four of these will form the country’s first astronaut corps and travel into space. The first UAE astronaut will lift off next April as part of the agreement reached with Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency.

As part of the crew on a Soyuz spaceship, they will spend 10 days conducting scientific research on the International Space Station (ISS) before returning to Earth.

The 39 went through a round of tests that included a range of activities to measure intelligence, aptitude, neurocognitive ability, personality, and working memory, according to the MBRSC.

  • windbourne

    Here America along with companies like Bigelow are talking about sending ppl to the space stations while Russia is doing it.

    If CONgress REALLY wanted to get to the moon, they would skip the lunar outpost and focus first on getting multiple companies into building habitats for the ISS, and then splitting them off. There is plenty of nations that want to go to the moon and will put up an astronaut core to space stations for training.

  • DP Huntsman

    At NewSpace, the UAE emphasized the role of women: 40% of their space agency employees are female, & 38% of all applicants to their astronaut core were female. Now, tho, that the final winnowing is down to 18, no mention of even a single female.

  • Search

    color me shocked. We’ll see a female UAE astronaut right after a non-muslim one.