Watch Politico Live Interview with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

Politico Live talked to Jim Bridenstine on Wednesday.

  • Gary Church

    The anti-satellite technology proliferation has only one solution: large-lunar-water-shielded-human-crewed GEO platforms. Bridenstine is right.

  • Michael Halpern

    I find nuclear deterrent works fine too

  • Gary Church

    Stop spamming me10.

  • Tom Billings

    Trying to sell a single solution, completely unaddressed by the subject of the interview has little use, so I’m not interested in the tag along. It is no surprise what Bridenstine was asked, and no surprise at how he answered. His attention has been on these problems for over a decade.

    Many people who would like to continue the dominance of the Air Staff over MilSpace budgets will be displeased with Bridenstine, but will realize that any NASA Administrator would do the same. You don’t dis the Boss in public. The rearrangement of government responsibilities now going on will change the intermediate hierarchs and their agency costs, but not the top of the funding hierarchy in Congress.

  • envy

    Better situational awareness and widely-distributed assets are a sufficient solution to ASAT proliferation.

  • Tom Billings

    Sufficient, …for a while. Then, solutions to the next set of counter-measures will be needed. It may be lasers to hit lots of sats and overheat them so they stop working, and 1 megawatt lasers are due to be on ships around 2025, or it may be something else, but around 10-15 years from now, “lots and lots”, at least alone, will no longer look like a secure strategy.