Aldrin Family Statement on Buzz’s Lawsuit

NASA then- Deputy Administrator Lori Garver and Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Spaceport America in 2010. (Credit: Douglas Messier)

“We are deeply disappointed and saddened by the unjustified lawsuit that has been brought against us individually and against the Foundation that we have built together as a family to carry on Dad’s legacy for generations to come. When we established the current structure several years ago, it was done so at Buzz’s request and with his full support. If nothing else, our family is resilient and our ability to work together to solve problems and accomplish great things is strong. We love and respect our father very much and remain hopeful that we can rise above this situation and recover the strong relationship that built this foundation in the first place. We will not be commenting further on the lawsuit and ask your understanding and respect for our family privacy at this extremely difficult time.”

— Andrew and Janice Aldrin

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    “our dad’s legacy” – seems to me he is still alive and capable of determining that. Terrible that the kids seem to be trying to swindle their old man. Ingrates.

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    In trying to determine if the family has anything backing up their claim, I figured a high score for their charity and/or proven efficient use of donations towards their cause would help their argument. Unfortunately, I can’t find any “scores” for them because they produce less than $1M in annual revenue. In addition, they haven’t filed an IRS Form 990 since 12/2016. The missing 2017 filing doesn’t help their case, since Buzz asserts the unauthorized transfers occurred in 2017 and 2018. Here are some useful links: and