NASA Selects Lessee for Massive Housing Development at Moffett Field

Moffett Field (Credit: NASA)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (NASA PR) — NASA has selected Mountain View Housing Ventures, LLC, an affiliate of CRC Partners LLC, as the preferred selected lessee to develop housing on NASA property in Moffett Field, California.

NASA and the U.S General Services Administration posted a development opportunity in October 2017, requesting proposals to construct and operate a minimum of 1,930 housing units on 46 acres of federal property.

NASA will begin negotiations with the selected organization in order to establish a long-term lease under its enhanced use lease authority.

With a severe shortage of housing across the Bay Area, NASA Ames is looking to use this development as an opportunity to provide housing for those who work or go to school on the NASA property.

“We are looking forward to doing our part to help mitigate traffic and provide housing for the community,” said Ames Associate Center Director Deborah Feng. “Partnering with industry, academia and other organizations has afforded us with unique opportunities to advance our mission here at NASA Ames.”

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    “to develop housing on NASA property” wtf how does this work? Do these become government owned housing for NASA employees only? Do they pay rent or what? What happens when they retire? Are you kicking them out? Or is this just some scam deal where “Mountain View Housing Ventures, LLC, an affiliate of CRC Partners LLC” end up getting paid to build it all up and then after some years have passed NASA gives them the whole thing for free. Too bad meaningful muckraking journalism seems to be dead.

  • Jeff2Space

    The links to the RFPs are above, so you can get to more of the details.

  • ThomasLMatula

    When I attended meetings at NASA Ames I stayed at the lodging NASA had at Moffett Field. The rates were discounted for educators and it was just a easy walk to the meetings. I expect this will work in a similar fashion but just more long term. And it is needed with the very high housing prices in the region.