NewSpace Business Book Published in Japan

Blast-off for Space Business – A New Era of Gold Rush for the Last Frontier
By Misuzu Onuki
Published by Diamond Books Japan

Space Business in Japan

New Space evolution and revolution have been changing the landscape in the global space industry as parallel space commercialization drivers. This phenomenon is also happening in Japan, which has adopted policies encouraging commercial space business development. There are now over twenty space venture companies in Japan and almost half of them have gotten VC funding, including the largest Series A funding anywhere in the world, which is about $100M for a space resources utilization company.

Two new laws on space activities and satellite remote sensing have been passed in November, 2016 that are now driving space commercialization in Japan. The third space policy proposal was released by the LDP in April, 2017. Following that the Space Industry Vision 2030 was issued by the Cabinet Office in May, 2017. The Japanese government has announced a $1B VC fund to encourage New Space business to create and broaden the market using space. New Space Companies have been creating a new space business ecosystem in Japan, which has performed under a public private partnership model. New Space challenges and opportunities toward space have begun a blast-off.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Why are IT Giants aiming for space?
– Big 5 aiming for 21st century gold in space

Elon Musk has made space a real commercial market and disrupted the industry
Mars habitation is no more a concept but plan
Jeff Bezos’s space plan generally in stealth mode
What do companies aim for?
Why do ventures focus on space?
Billionaires notice the value of investment for space
IT companies all over the world predict the next coming wave beyond the current internet
The reason Google purchased Sky Box at a cost of $500M
Google Lunar X Prize was a race competing over $30M
Facebook targets the potential 4 billion people unserved market
Earth orbit is crowded with 8000 satellites launched into space
More IT giants have now gotten into the space business

Chapter 2
How does space business change our daily life? – Earth big data brings an industrial innovation

World space economy has been doubled in the last 10 years
China is now the 2nd biggest space country following the US
Space segments are LEO, GEO and Deep space
How does big data promote changes for industries?
More accurate weather data by new GPS-RO technologies will change management from the ground up
Earth observation data changes economic activities on earth
Microgravity research in space changes industries including medicine
3D printing has made manufacturing innovation in space
Reusable rockets make dramatically lower cost for space access
Satellite life extension by satellite services and refueling
Google invests in a small asteroid business
One year stays have started on board of ISS

Chapter 3 
Silicon Valley targets gold veins in new areas – Venture’s dream whose spirit succeeded by pioneer

Silicon Valley notices the value of IT platforms in space
NASA astronaut veterans are attracted to Silicon Valley
Space ventures have brought Agile development in space
Elon Musk has a significant aspect of positiveness
American pioneer spirits meet money
The hurdle for fundraising is decreasing and risk is lower by small platform
Why do billionaires invest huge money in space?
Space ventures competing for awards and competitions
Space business occurs in other countries as well

Chapter 4
When will space tourism be realized?  – Costs coming down to realize the new space economy

Why is the image of a space station in the ring shape?
Impact that now the general public can go to space
Suborbital space flight is 1/100 or less than orbital trip
Now is the time to realize suborbital trips
Space tourism paying passengers are more than 1000 in the world
Space tourism has a variety of business chances
How short will orbital space tourism training be, which is another key to opening the market?
Commercial space stations by commercial market power
How comfortable will it be when we can spend time in space?
Commercial space suits are another brand new market
Commercial Spaceports bring economic impact
Space tourism grows the new tourism industry

Chapter 5 
Can Human Beings live on the Moon and the Mars?  -Mars habitation is no more science fiction

Human Beings will land on Mars by 2033?!
Moon market size is $3B in 2020
The Moon is the place for both exploration and economic activities
Japanese Kaguya found huge underground cave
Moon real estate, Who is the owner? How can it sell?
Why will people go ahead to Mars?
Elon Musk – the nearest person to Mars Colonization
Small asteroid floating in space valued $50B

Chapter 6  
Space Industry is the Future industry – Creating new markets by connecting Digitalization, IOT, IA

Space Big Bang has come to Japan
AxelSpace   – Earth monitoring data and solution provider
Interstellar Technologies – Disruptive rocket price by scale merit
Astroscale   – Challenge serious space debris problem and providing solutions
iSpace   – Leading company of lunar development in Japan
Ale    – Create space entertainment market using smallsat artificial shooting star by smallsat
Space Elevator which will change space transportation by Obayashi Corporation
Space is the future industry which is just opening the next stage


About the Author

Misuzu Onuki
Space Access Corporation, CEO
Aerospace Business Consultant

Misuzu Onuki is CEO, Space Access Corporation which providing business development, strategy and consulting services from both commercial and government policy sides as an aerospace business consultant after working for JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Shimizu Space Systems Division, one of the largest general construction companies. She serves on space related committees in Ministry of Economy, Trade, Industry (METI), IAA/Social Science/Correspondent Member, IAF committee members, a visiting lecturer for several universities, and is active in media, corporate, public events, books and articles, others.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Don’t forget Chapter 7 that talks about the cities of Aztec gold and the need for a Comino Royale to make it easy to raid the 7 cities of gold in El Norte. If I were to write a book on developing space it would be called, how to make your grandkids rich slowly by developing a very difficult deadly frontier.

  • duheagle

    That would be El Camino Real, actually. I seem to recall that at least one of the fabled Seven Cities was supposed to be somewhere in your general vicinity. Oh well, we gringos have our own legends – Lost Dutchman Mine anyone?

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Yes, Tucson could very well be on the list since it has been inhabited for over 4000 years. Tucson’s not a gold town, it’s an aluminium depository (aircraft storage galore) and more WWII airfields than you can point your nose at. And our dark clear skies. Worth more than gold at any price. The Spanish may have turned their nose down at Tucson is used for, but not the Americans.

    Tucson (Schtuk – Shton [Black Rock] in O’ Ohtom in Spanish became Took-son spelled Tucson, which got Anglicized to Too-son), was probably well known to the Aztec trading network given that agriculture and a functioning civilization was going on here for so long. There are records that indicate the Aztec, or an Aztec like death cult harassed the towering ‘pueblo’ communities in New Mexico, but none of that is on record in Tucson. The reordered raiders in Tucson were the Apache. But a long functioning agricultural center of production probably became a city of gold far down South in Tenochtitlan.