One Giant Leap for Blockchain: TODAQ, For All Moonkind to Map Lunar Heritage Sites

Astronaut John Young salutes the flag on the moon during the Apollo 16 mission. (Credit: NASA)

TORONTO (TODAQ Financial, For All Moonkind PR) – TODAQ Financial, everyone’s mobile, decentralized marketplace powered by the TODA Protocol, is announcing a groundbreaking partnership with For All Moonkind.

For All Moonkind is non-profit entity and the only organization in the world focused on protecting and preserving our common human heritage in outer space.

The two organizations will work together to map the Moon using cryptographic tools enabled with blockchain, registering and documenting human cultural artifacts and sites on the Moon, bringing accountability and immutability to these records.

“Space has always fascinated humankind, and it’s exciting to see crypto getting there first using the TODA Protocol. We never consciously thought it would also be used for space during the design stage of TODA,” said Toufi Saliba, TODA Protocol co-author.

“There are few narratives of human history as significant as our quest to release ourselves from the bonds of Earth. Yet unlike similar sites on Earth that are protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, sites on the Moon which bear witness to unparalleled technological accomplishments are not protected or even recognized by international law,” said Michelle Hanlon, Co-Founder of For All Moonkind. “Creating an accountable register of human cultural artifacts and sites on the Moon, is a first step towards documenting, protecting and celebrating our history before it is erased.”

In January 2018, the concept of creating a program to identify universal heritage sites in space was included in a draft resolution for consideration by the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Science and Technology Subcommittee. Unfortunately, the subcommittee meeting concluded without agreement on the matter.

But the clock is ticking to preserve these sites as commercial space travel becomes a reality. According to New Space Global, there are more than 1,000 companies in the commercial space sector up from just 125 in 2011. The Moon in particular is about to get crowded. It remains a focus for private companies and national space agencies: India and China intend to have rovers back on the lunar surface this year, and a number of private companies have plans for landings by 2020.

TODAQ will be the architect of the system to identify heritage sites. TODAQ will use the TODA blockchain protocol to build The For All Moonkind Moon Register Powered by TODA. TODA is a layer-zero blockchain protocol that is enabling security, efficiency, confidentiality and scalability for humanity,

“While the vast majority of economic and human activity is here on Earth, none of our modern world would function without the contribution of our collective space-based efforts and technology. Building an immutable framework powered by the TODA Protocol that can help preserve our common heritage and lay a foundation for future societal interactions in space is vital to start now and we’re proud to support this initiative.” said Hassan Khan, CEO and co-founder of TODAQ.

The teams will work together to create, develop, publicly disseminate and maintain a decentralized grid-referenced system of cultural heritage sites on the Moon that should be designated for preservation and some level of protection. This includes sites such as the Apollo 11’s Tranquility Base, where the first human set foot on the Moon, as well as the sites in Mare Imbrium, where Luna 2, the first human object to reach another celestial body, impacted and later humanity’s first extraterrestrial remote-controlled robot rover, Lunokhod 1, explored freely.

“We are so grateful for the support and forward-thinking of TODAQ,” said Hanlon. “Preserving our history in space is the first step to assuring the sustainable development of space resources, the success of an off-Earth community and ultimately the evolution of humanity into a multi-planetary species.”

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About For All Moonkind

For All Moonkind, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to protect each of the six human lunar landing and similar sites in outer space as part of our common human heritage. Recently named a “Top Ten Innovator” in Space by Fast Company Magazine, we challenge the international community – sovereign nations, national space agencies and commercial entities – to join us in addressing the void left by current space law in respect of human heritage in space. Our entirely volunteer team of space lawyers, policymakers, scientists and communicators are working to develop reasonable and practical protocols that will balance development and preservation and include systems to select, manage and study relevant sites. In so doing, we seek to promote the exploration and development and open the debate on equally pressing issues of property and resource extraction. Learn more:

  • ThomasLMatula

    Blockchains? Really? What is so wrong about using a map or photograph of the site? Sounds like they are just trying to fund raise by using the latest gimmick. And blockchains are not going to help if you don’t know where the artifact is located like the Ascent Module of Apollo 11.