ARCA Space Founder Taken Into Custody by Homeland Security

Dumitru Popescu

After having fraud charges dropped against him, ARCA Space Founder Dumitru Popescu has more legal woes. Here’s an update from the company’s Facebook page about his impending deportation to Romania:

It’s not over yet. Dumitru was taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security this morning, without warning.

When Dumitru was arrested in October of last year, The DHS cancelled his business visa, and provided him with a temporary visa, allowing him to stay until his case ended. Despite all charges against Dumitru being dismissed and Dumitru’s immediate efforts to restore his legal status in the US, he was taken into custody before he had a chance to do so.

The DHS agent in charge of Dumitru is also denying Dumitru the right to speak to his immigration attorney, telling Dumitru something to the effect of “You don’t have this right, because you don’t exist.” Dumitru was also told he will be held at a detention center for around 2 weeks before being deported.

Dumitru also suffers from a life-threatening medical condition that requires medication, and the last time he was taken into custody, he was denied medication for 5 days, leaving him in extremely poor condition.

We will provide more details as soon as we can.

  • randy carson

    Denied the right to speak to his attorney and had lifesaving medication withheld. He’s really turning up the BS level to 11. I can’t wait until the real story comes out and we find out what else he is involved in.

  • windbourne

    lots of strange things have been going on with DHS/ICE.
    I will be interested to see what the real story is.
    As it is, trump has pulled some real no-brainers such as talking about shutting down green cards/H1B for spouses of those that already have green cards/H1B.

  • Panice

    Not no-brainers. Intentionally cruel and malicious.

  • passinglurker

    These days this sort of story is believable because it’s far from an isolated incident. If it turns out he is fibbing then it’s a good example why one shouldn’t run any federal law enforcement agency like the gustopo it’s not good for credibility.

  • Ignacio Rockwill

    Huh, well the good news for Dumitru didn’t last long.

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    As Britain is finding out run you immigration system honourably otherwise not even the racists will support it.

  • windbourne

    America’s is a total disaster right now. and impossible to get CONgress to compromise to solve it.

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    Time for a new video update which has nothing to do with actually going to orbit.

  • Paul_Scutts

    Six months ago I posted the following comment;

    “One of the lessons to be taken home from all of this is, to “rip off” individuals and small corporations is one thing, but, to (attempt to) “rip off” (friends of) a State with it’s own police force and legal system is totally another.”.

    As an update, one thing all “authorities” have in common is that they demand respect to be shown for their “authority”. The State of New Mexico has it’s connections and influence with the US Federal Authorities, like Homeland Security, and with the attitude the current Administration has shown in the past toward “foreigners”, it is no wonder that “Plan B” would have been “in the works” from day one. I’m sure that it is planned for the door to “hit this guy in the ass” a few more times before it finally comes to rest in Eastern Europe.

  • randy carson

    Trump derangement syndrome is strong here. Last week the Dems were defending MS-13 and now this clown.

  • Pete Zaitcev

    Spouses never had H-1B, only H-4. But hey, details!

  • duheagle

    Yes. The whole point of H-1B is to allow the exploitation of gullible foreigners – who want to believe they have a real shot at permanent resident status or even citizenship – for a few years before returning them to their s**thole countries of origin and replacing them with their younger siblings.

    As there is no intention of ever allowing these folks to stay, making provision for wives and children to accompany them has no place in the brutally cynical H-1B scheme of things.

  • duheagle

    H-1B holders are, in essence, indentured servants. There has never been any provision for them to bring wives and children with them to America and the lefty tech billionaires who are their principle exploiters would scream like stuck pigs if any attempt was made in this direction. This is not some new invention of the Trump administration.

    The Trump administration is not shutting down visas for wives and children of legal immigrants. It merely – and quite reasonably – wishes to limit “family reunification” to actual nuclear families, not to arbitrarily extended families. So no parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, third cousins twice-removed, etc.

    In the absence of such a limit, the legal immigration of a single person from any arbitrarily chosen s**thole country of origin could result in the entire population of said country becoming eligible for “family reunification” visas based on some foreign-language version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. For the Democratic Party, which has a long-standing goal of submerging the American electorate in a sea of illiterate, non-English-speaking immigrants whom it imagines would be more politically reliable, that is a feature, not a bug.

  • duheagle

    I have no idea what you mean by this. Until Brexit, in fact, it had been decades since Britain ran its immigration policy at all – “honourably” or otherwise. The inability of individual countries within the EU to control their borders, in fact, was most of the impetus behind Brexit in the first place. Simply because the self-hating political elites of the EU want to invite in millions of hostile tribal barbarians and give them open-ended welfare benefits doesn’t mean ordinary Europeans think this is a good idea. The Brits were merely the first to actually do something decisive about this. They aren’t going to be the last.

  • duheagle

    America is in better shape than it’s been in a decade – and by some measures, in several decades. Mr. Trump has been largely responsible for this and has not even had to implement much in the way of explicitly positive programs to accomplish this – though he still seems to intend doing so if Congress can get its act together. Rather, he has simply cancelled a lot of the actively injurious policies imposed by executive fiat during the gruesome Obama administration. It’s really quite remarkable how well America can do when the president simply refrains from repeatedly hitting it over the head with a 2 x 4.

  • duheagle

    The Trump administration simply wants to restrict “family reunification” visas to actual nuclear families. What’s cruel and malicious about that?

  • duheagle

    He must have spoken to someone, else how would we know he allegedly hasn’t been allowed to speak to his attorney or get his meds?

    That said, it seems that this guy has acquired at least one enemy somewhere along the line who has a non-trivial amount of “juice” with the feds.

    The Obama-era ICE didn’t seem much concerned about even immigrant murderers, never mind alleged scamsters and frauds. The Trump-era ICE is more pro-active, but seems – commendably – to be concentrating its attention on really serious threats like MS-13.

    To get ICE and DHS(!) to deal so promptly with Popescu – even if he is the fraud and scam artist some say he is – looks to me as though it required some behind-the-curtain machinations by someone who has a real grudge against this guy.

  • Panice

    Only that, as I read it, they are intentionally breaking up nuclear families.

  • randy carson

    Really? This sort of thing happens all of the time? And it’s not just some criminal making up stories? I did not know that. I really would like to know more about what our American “gestapo” is doing.

    Care to post some examples?

  • passinglurker

    We’re at a sufficient saturation point that you can find relevant stories from reputable journalists with a simple Google search. I come here for space I’m not gonna waste my time compiling evidence for something like this when it’s so readily available for people to find themselves.

    Also while your at it look up the conduct and rhetoric of the president and relevant agency appointees. Their racially charged behavior hurts their offices credibility making it easier for stories of misconduct to be believed off the bat. This phenomenon is essentially why “politically correct” became a thing it’s easier for people to believe anything said against you regardless of truth if you don’t act professional unbiased and impartial.

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    You obviously have not heard the stories. Britain has been deporting blacks from the Caribbean who legally came to Britain in the 1960s. Where as brown terrorists and rapists are rarely deported.