2018 Humans to Mars Report Released at Humans to Mars Summit

WASHINGTON, DC, May 8, 2018 (Explore Mars PR) — Explore Mars, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2018 Humans to Mars Report (http://exploremars.org/the-humans-to-mars-report) was officially released today on the opening morning of the three-day Humans to Mars Summit (H2M.ExploreMars.org) in Washington, DC.

“Now in its fourth year, the annual Humans to Mars Report (H2MR) has become one of the most influential publications in the space community”, said Rick Zucker, Explore Mars’ Vice President (Policy). Added Zucker, “H2MR provides a unique snapshot of the progress that has been made in mission architectures, science, domestic and international policy, human factors, and public perception regarding human missions to Mars, and thereby serves as an invaluable resource for both stakeholders and policymakers alike.”

The past year has seen a large number of milestones in policy and leadership that will certainly impact the future of human spaceflight for decades. As noted in this report, through these changes support for humans to Mars remains strong, but important decisions will need to be made soon so that humanity can finally start exploring deep space again.

According to Explore Mars, Inc. Board member and Executive Vice President, Joe Cassady, “I am heartened to see the continuing progress on architectural elements documented in the H2MR to get humans to Mars by the 2030s.  The constancy of purpose that has been maintained throughout the transition of Presidential administrations and NASA leadership will allow us to continue toward this goal.”

Explore Mars will distribute this report to every member of Congress, all attendees of the Humans to Mars Summit, policymakers, members of the press, and space exploration stakeholders.

“This report ones again shows the resilience of the American space program,” Explore Mars President Artemis Westenberg remarked. “With strong leadership and the right decisions, we firmly believe that humans are still on track to walk on Mars by 2033.”

About Explore Mars 

Explore Mars was created to advance the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades. To further that goal, Explore Mars conducts programs and technical challenges to stimulate the development and/or improvement of technologies that will make human Mars missions more efficient and feasible. In addition, to embed the idea of Mars as a habitable planet, Explore Mars challenges educators to use Mars in the classroom as a tool to teach standard STEM curricula. Explore Mars, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.