NanoRacks Selected as Launch Provider for Nationwide Canadian CubeSat Project

WINNEPEG, Manitoba, May 4, 2018 (NanoRacks PR) – NanoRacks is pleased to announce that the Company has been awarded the launch services and deployment contract for the Canadian CubeSat Project – a nationwide small satellite development program sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

The project provides funding to post-secondary institutions in Canada as part of a challenge to design, build, launch, and operate their own satellites which will be deployed from the International Space Station. The contract is for the launch and deployment of up to 15 CubeSats, totaling 33U of deployment volume, representing each Canadian province and territory.

CSA and NanoRacks will provide expert guidance to the professors and students to foster mission success and teach students about all aspects of launching a small spacecraft – from technology development to communicating their work to the public.
“We’re thrilled to grow our relationship with the Canadian Space Agency and the Canadian CubeSat community,” says NanoRacks Account Manager, Ajeeth Ibrahim. “This type of nationwide program emphasizes NanoRacks’ goal of increasing global access to space and enabling the space ecosystem to grow. We look forward to working with CSA and the university teams to help build a successful mission and create a meaningful experience for university students all across Canada.”

NanoRacks deployed the first-ever Canadian CubeSat from the International Space Station, ExAlta-1, from the University of Alberta in May 2017, as a part of the QB50 Mission.

According to the Canadian government website, the Canadian CubeSat Project will provide professors in post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to engage their students in a real space mission. Through this unique hands-on experience, students will learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), stimulating their interest in STEM education and careers. This initiative falls under the CSA’s mandate to foster the continuing development of a critical mass of researchers and highly qualified people in Canada.”

NanoRacks and CSA are targeting two separate launch opportunities for these CubeSats in 2020 and 2021.

  • Congrats to NanoRacks on their expanding business. They continue to move up the supply chain to offer additional services – cubesat launching, space stations, anything – a new space success story. They did the easiest/hardest thing: identified a real market need and figured a way to deliver what the market wanted.

  • Search

    “…which will be deployed from the International Space Station…”. So who is launching these cubesats to ISS, and who is paying for that exactly? Lets hear the details.

  • Michael Halpern

    It could be either CRS provider though Orbital seems a pretty common choice for Nanoracks

  • mlmontagne

    So, despite how their announcement is phrased, they’re not providing launch services, they’re providing payload development services, and somebody else will provide the launch service.

  • Michael Halpern

    Its more of ride share service, and not quite, they “launch” from ISS or Cygnus they arrange for the payloads to get a ride to space, though they don’t have their own rockets.

    And not “development” service i think you meant “Deployment” service,

  • mlmontagne

    As I read the announcement, they are going to be very involved in the design and building of the satellites. Do you get a different take on it?

  • Michael Halpern

    They aren’t, only as far as lending expertise and making sure that they fit in the constraints of the deployers, the satellites are by in large going to be designed and built by students, with help from industry partners, of which are not Nanoracks,