• P.K. Sink

    Yeah…if the Senate won’t hire him…then how can Trump fire him? Come on guys.

  • windbourne

    Senate needs to either shoot him down or approve him.
    We need an administrator.

    While I am not wild about him, I will have to say that I do not see anything that the Senate can use to block him, if they are doing their job. And yes, their job is about finding REAL Issues on which to block. I am not certain that blocking based on his view of AGW is really the senator’s jobs.

  • Tom Billings

    “We need an administrator.”

    Do we?

    Does Trump?

    Will NASA collapse before January 2019?

    Almost certainly not.

    Congress’ real problem is that *they* need an Administrator, whether he is acting or confirmed, to be the front-man/flak-catcher for keeping from exposure of their congressional pork funneled through NASA Centers. It will be January of 2019 before the Senate can have enough Republican Senators that Marco Rubio can be told to take a hike over whatever price he is demanding for his vote. What happens then is Bridenstine should pass, despite Rubio and partisan Dems. Then people will have 9 months without an Administrator to point to and ask, “Just what vital task is he performing?”.

    This is the eventual inevitable result of Congress passing the 2010 NASA Authorization Act that *demanded* NASA build a SLS rocket few inside NASA wanted, outside of MSFC at least. With that Act they took control of NASA far more directly than before, but left the shell of executive control as disguise for Senator Nelson and his committee members.

    What happens when this becomes obvious? Does Congress want to find out? The House committees have already made it plain *they* don’t want to find out. Nervous for them. Popcorn time for the rest of us.

  • therealdmt

    Don’t let ‘em steamroll ya. Stand firm, boys!

  • Search

    Wont happen – Rubio hates Trump so this is his chance to obstruct or get some plum as payoff, and the democrats are 100% opposed to anything Trump is for.
    So without an administrator you have no central direction to change the status quo or maintain the direction towards a more commercial approach rather than degrading back to the old space, mega programs which of course the politicians like Shelby and Nelson love.